A Testimonal for Source Direct – Inventing Experts

We received a fantastic testimonial from an inventor and patent attorney, Billy G. Sykes. Take a look! 

Sykes-Picture“I have been working with Source Direct and Ed Mauro for over three (3) years.  I am an inventor and patent attorney.  Part of my association with Source Direct has been introducing many of my patent clients to Source Direct.  All of them have contacted me after they worked with Source Direct and gave Source Direct great reviews.  Source Direct has taken many of my clients from the inventor’s idea stage to delivering products that are ready to go in the showroom.  In all of my years as an inventor and patent attorney Source Direct offers more to help an inventor than any other company I know.  Source Direct has helped me develop five of my own products.  They did a big part of the design work, marketing assistance and found manufacturers to supply the products.  I was very happy with the products when they arrived. I will be happy to talk to anyone that has questions about Source Direct.  My cell phone number is 757-615-3613.” – William G. Sykes

The Importance of a Product Video

Hello, inventors! Nathan here! I handle the Sales and Marketing for Source Direct.

When your invention has been manufactured and it comes time to sell, a photo of your product will only go so far in the eyes of a buyer. What does your product do? What does it look like while it’s performing it’s primary function. Does it look good? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a billion!

I am huge about  videos. I encourage all of our clients to get a professionally produced video as soon as their product is ready so they can utilize it in sales pitches. When your product is one of 1,000 on the desk of a buyer, a video may set you apart from the other applicants.

Here’s a few examples of some videos that we love, and that our inventors have created.

Gotta Potty

This video was created for the Gotta Potty Dog Training System, and it happens to be my favorite. It clearly shows what the product does, and features instruction from the actual inventor himself! We have been able to sell a lot of product by showing this video.

Shape and Bake

I enjoy this video because it shows the whimsy of this awesome product, the Shape and Bake. In it’s very infomercial style, it captures the primary function of the product and shows the multiple uses and designs that anyone can make.

Club Clean Floor Protector

Product demonstration videos and “tests” of durability are incredibly important to buyers. For a product such as this floor protector, it’s vital to show exactly what it does and in a clear and concise way.

Final Thoughts

As an inventor, you owe it to yourself and your product to get a high quality video created. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t follow through with a video – they think it’s more expensive than it actually is! Contact us today at 888-373-3876 x.213 and ask about videos – mention this blog and you’ll get our preferred inventor rate. A video could make ALL the difference when it comes to pitching your product to buyers and big box retailers.

Episode #7 – Source Direct Podcast


km_forblastEpisode 7: Shipping and Logistics for your Product!
In this episode of the Source Direct podcast, we speak with Krista Mauro – she’s responsible for shipping and logistics for all new inventions that come in from overseas and beyond. We divulge some very important information when it comes to fees, timetables, regulations, and more! This episode is NOT one to miss if you’re about to begin manufacturing of a product!


So, you want to license your product, eh?

We get phone calls from inventors every day – and about 60% of them say “well, I just want to license my idea. Will you buy it from me?” A majority of the time, we say no. There are a few reasons:

  1. Selling an idea isn’t as easy as it seems. Potential buyers aren’t interested in purchasing thoughts. They could hire teams of people to do that.
  2. Investors will not purchase something with no chance of return. Of course, as the inventor, you’ll have the thought process of “my product is the best”, but until an investor has seen the sales numbers, they won’t believe you.
  3. It’s difficult to license something without a prototype. Do you have a fully functioning prototype? The likeliness of an inventor selling some notes on a sheet of paper and a drawing to an investor is incredibly low.
  4. Has it been tested? Is there marketability? Will people buy this product? It’s difficult to tell unless your product has been soft-launched!

This short and sweet blog is intended to usher in some realism with new inventors. You probably won’t sell your idea unless it’s been introduced to the marketplace in some way. We suggest that you invest, yourself, into producing a small order of your product and then show investors the potential.

When you watch Shark Tank, you’ll hear the Sharks ask “how many of these have you sold so far?” Even they agree with us – buyers want to see previous milestones met before they license anything. We can help put you in the position to attract potential buyers down the road.

Interested in taking the next step? Email Nathan at Marketing@TheSourceDirect.net today and let him know you found about us on our blog!

Podcast Episode #6 – All About Patents!

Tune in to the Source Direct podcast! Here’s our most recent episode:


Episode 6: All About Patents!

In this episode, we speak with Bruce Lev of RG Patent Consulting. As an inventor, patenting is the most important beginning step in the inventing process. Bruce fills us in on some tips and tricks to keep in mind as you start with your invention. Do you know the difference between a provisional and utility patent? Not knowing the difference could cost you thousands! Check out RG Patent Consulting through their website, or contact us for more information!